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We are so used to plastic bags that we can’t imagine how we lived before they appeared. And even knowing what harm they do to the environment, they are not able to refuse them. Nevertheless, we will have to reduce the consumption of plastic because the Earth can no longer cope with such a quantity.

1. Annually, 5 trillion plastic bags are made in the world. If they are tied together, then they can wrap the Earth 7 times.

2. Every second, 160,000 plastic bags are used in the world.

3. Only 1-3% of used packages fall into recycling.

4. Approximately $ 4,000 is required to process 1 ton of packages.

5. One plastic bag serves its owner for no longer than 25 minutes.

6. Plastic bags decompose on average 300-700 years (depending on the material). It means that not one of them ever made have entirely destroyed.

7. Even after complete decomposition (about 1000 years), plastic bags remain toxic. They do not disappear but only decay into the smallest particles, continuing to pollute the environment.

8. Mass production of plastic bags began in the USA in 1957. In supermarkets, they appeared 20 years later – in 1977.

9. For four trips to the supermarket, one family on average uses 60 plastic bags.

10. Each year, 100 thousand marine animals and about 1 million seabirds die due to plastic bags in the world. Most often, they take bags for food, in particular for jellyfish. According to scientists, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

11. In 2008, a sperm whale was cast ashore near California. Zoologists discovered that whale died due to the fact that more than 22 kg of plastic accumulated in his stomach.

Yes on 67 – Protect California’s Plastic Bag Ban is a coalition of environmental groups, businesses, consumer organizations, organized labor, elected officials and citizens that support protecting California’s pioneering plastic bag ban.

Our work supported many different companies including businesses, elected officials, environmental organizations, and other groups for which we are very thankful to them.

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